Personality: Career military man. Military bearing, and decorum. Social and Outgoing to his peers. Introspective of the past days events, seeing what he can learn from it. He journals during down time and is a heavily engaged reader of all things. Calculating mindset i.e.: making careful assessments before acting. Not overly cautious, but listens to the input of his people. Using that in weighing decisions Flexible in his approach to tactical goals, will take strategic considerations into account and abandon specific goals if need be. Provided he isn’t disobeying strict orders. Has not set foot on Vilya’Celeb=Silver Sky island, since it was seized by the crown. Struggling to regain family honour, even former rank and position as minor nobility. His service and sacrifices is his Means to his Ends. Thus he has given himself over to this life of service to the crown. He would kill his own traitorous brother to save his King. Honour attained in his Homeland is his utmost priority. Knighthoods, awards from other lands are secondary concerns. Slight tendency toward superiority, typically comes into play when Kane thinks another decision would be superior. Typically expressed through questioning statements, in particular “are you sure …” or “wouldn’t it be better …” in a heavily suggestive tone. Kane has commanded units of troops from 10 to 200 soldiers. The Elven notion of rank, and positional importance does not get associated with the number of troops they lead. A General among the Eldar, could command a Dozen elite soldiers. Eldar have far less notions of ego, than do humans. Religious beliefs: Venerates the Elven Pantheon as most elves do. Most elves are of the Larethian faith. *Relationship with his commanding officer: Kane is a Mid-ranking officer akin to a Human Captain. Served with Malcolm Edwards in 1071.

Opinion of Non-Eldar: Grew up in a time when The Isolation decree ( year 150-880 of the Sixth age ) had been levied. Trade and alliances were reestablished with Galinia, Kalimyr, Quinntania, Availia, and other human Kingdoms, and governmental bodies.


KANE “LionsHeart” LONAWAR Eldarian Warlord. Respected Commander in Elven Military. Age:130 Born:950 Race: ELDARIAN Country: Eldaria Etymology of name: Lion of War Father-Valkian Lonawar-Deceased/Executed- Supporter of Myrainne Eldar’Aron (Elfwood) attempt to overthrow Eldarian King. In the year 920. Executed in the year 1000.Year of the Cold Dawn- Mother-Eldias Shandovar- Resides with Shandovar family. Bother-Drey’Aelar Born: 979-Whereabouts unknown-Exiled, Marked for death. Leader of Cold Dawn conspiracy to Assassinate Eldarian King. Sister-Nessiani, Born: 991-Musical student-Bard-

Family Sigil: A Crimson Lion on Gold Holdings: (Seized by crown) Vilya’Celeb=Silver Sky island, a small southern isle. 14 ship fleet of Eldar trade vessels. Biography: Eldest son of minor but ancient noble family. That traces its roots back to Shadaisa. Family business of textiles. Blood and Business cousins to the Thistledown (ELVEN COTTON) family. Valkian used his modest shipping fleet to smuggle arms and supplies for Myrainne Eldar’Aron (Elfwood) and troops of the Golden Dawn Rebellion for years before, and during the war. In addition to providing financial aid, as well as employing agents of the Rebellion at times. The Golden Dawn Rebellion met with failure, and Valkian resume his life as a textile merchant. In 987 evidence was brought forward the he may have been a collaborator. 990 he was imprisoned. *Tapestry of Family SIGIL impounded, as all other “heirlooms” attached to family. Lonawar Macil’Varda (Exalted Sword) Lonas’Laurea’i (The Golden Lion). Family members of disgraced house not allowed to wear jewelry or embroidered patters of family sigils, until honour is regained. If achieved common custom is to reverse the Primary colors to denote historical changes. The very year Kane entered The Elven Military Academy. His academy experience was rife with ridicule and ostracism. This forged a more disciplined soldier. Only friends: Cousins all, Cyrion Thistledown, Kellion Lestshyr, Thayd Lionheart (Thayd’ian Lei’one) Iderian Trained as a skirmisher/special forces Earning Rank of White Feather. 1071-Knighted in Elven land of Ideria-Awarded Sword, offered title of A Steward of An Alusarian Province which was refused. His Honour must be retained in his home land.


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